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A fact of life is that trees need to be cut down to make way for progress. Whether it’s for a new home, a new yard, or to prevent a catastrophic fall and damage to property,

we at Amazon Tree Services never let a good tree go to waste. We ship our fallen trees to a wood mill for processing into mulch, wood, and framing boards; this is our commitment to our environment


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Our Services


Tree Removal

Removing trees off your property is no simple task. The dangers involved are serious, and not to be taken lightly. We have many tools at our disposal to remove trees safely and quickly.

Tree Maintenance

A vital part of landscaping is maintaining the health of your trees. Our team offers services that look at your trees as complex life and in need of individual care.

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Tree pruning and thinning methods are required to have healthy, thriving, and cultivated trees. We have knowledgeable experts that prioritize tree health.

Tree Trimming & Cutting

If you love to have your yard looking its best, we have the solutions for you. Our program to trim and prune your trees will make sure they will look the best.


Cabling and Bracing

As trees get older, there might be situations that require bracing and cabling. Learn about what solutions we offer to safeguard your trees.

Land Clearing Services

Land Clearing is a huge undertaking and one that often needs backup. We have the capability and tools to effectively clear land, big or small. Learn how we can help.


Safety Is Always Top Priority

There are many cases where a tree needs a little help standing tall and healthy. Cabling and Bracing can assist structurally weak trees, intervening before pruning is called for.

Staffed With Highly Skilled Teams

The success of large-scale site clearing projects is dependent on both the proper equipment and the expertise of the crew. We carry a full fleet of state-of-the-art commercial tree removal equipment and are staffed with an extremely skilled team.


Stump Removal

Tree stumps detract from your property, attract pests, and in some cases, become serious safety hazards. We have tools and expertise in removing stumps permanently.

Emergency Services

Require Immediate Removal of Dangerous Trees or Damaged Branches? 

Amazon Tree is available for any Tree Emergency 24 hours a day.


Wood Chipping Services

Wood chipping is an excellent way to easily convert tree branches or even full trees into useful wood chips for your garden.

Crane Services

Amazon Tree provides professional crane services for our Massachusetts clients. Our highly experienced, licensed, and insured crane operators utilize the highest level of lifting equipment.

Ready to Begin?

For all crane services, we will develop a crane lift plan with you after carrying out a free on-site evaluation and estimate. The site plan includes assessing the trees, the ground, and the surrounding area to ensure that we are prepared to handle any potential hazards or obstacles.


Tree Experts You Can Trust


Safety is our goal, we back it up with years of experience.


We are fully insured,  our crew undergoes training constantly.


93% Recommended rate and in business since 2010.


Locations We Serve

Newton, MA

Framingham, MA

Natick, MA

Millis, MA

Wayland, MA

Holliston, MA

Westborough, MA

Marlborough, MA

Weston, MA

Waban, MA

Wellesley, MA

Sudbury, MA

Upton, MA 

Ashland, MA 

Milford, MA 

Southborough, MA 

Northborough, MA 

Concord, MA 

Brookline, MA 

Acton, MA 

Berlin, MA 

Hudson, MA 

Clinton, MA 

Who we Serve

  • Residential

  • Commercial

  • Contractors

  • Landscapers

Our Happy Customers

“We had 8 huge pine trees and probably 12 other medium trees. The pine trees had become a bit dangerous to my house and our neighbors. Given the size of the trees and the tight space, I couldn't fathom how they were going to pull this off without property damage or taking days to complete the work. They pulled in a 6 or 8 man team with a huge crane and did most of the work in one day. My neighbor and I were very impressed. They were smart about the logistics (ex. used masonite/plywood sheets to protect my driveway from the crane, etc). Safety conscious and I think the price was fair (given the equipment needed and the danger). Also they did supply insurance/bond paperwork. I'm planning to use them again for future work. Your team kicked butt. Thank you.”

- Erik

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